Catalysts for Production of Chemicals

In these days chemicals are all around us and play very important role in everyday life. There are many catalytic solutions for a wide variety of chemical applications. There are for exemple catalysts for oxidation processes like sulfuric acid, ethylene dichloride, formaldehyde and much more. Another area where are catalysts used is a manufacture of ammonia, hydrogen and methanol. Another large group are hydrogenation catalysts which are used for production of large number of chemicals.

production of Chemicals

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Main Applications

Ammonia synthesis

Ammonia is one of the most highly produced inorganic chemicals. Production involves few key operations for which Ranido supplies catalysts.

Methanol synthesis

Methanol is synthetized from carbon oxide and hydrogen, Ranido supply catylsts which are specially designed for this process.

Production of alcohols

For production of different alcohols there exists lot of processes drived by different catalysts.

caprolactam production

Caprolactam production process involves few steps in which is benzene transformed to caprolactam.

Hydrogenation of sugars

Well known process of hydrogenation of glucose to sorbitol involve Raney-nickel catalysts.

Custom catalyst development

Catalyst development

Ranido offers custom catalyst development, where we create brand new catalysts specially for our customers.