Oil Refinery Industry

The production of transport fuels is catalyzed by a large group of special catalysts. These catalysts are characterized by highest performance and you are able to catalyzed a large spectrum of reactions which include paraffins to aromatics conversion, olefins to diesel and petrol, hydrotreating and much more.

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Main Applications

paraffins to aromatics

This convertion is catalyzed by zeolite-based catalyst in the petrol boiling range.

Olefines to Diesel and Petrol

With zeolite-based catalyst for production of diesel and petrol from olefins your will have cost-effective method how produce high quality synthetic diesel.

Methanol to dimethylether

The conversion of methanol to dimethylether is catalyzed by alumina-based catalyst.

C5/C6 isomerisation

Isomerisation of C5/C6 feedstock is catalyzed by platinum-promoted zeolite-based catalyst.

Hydrogenation of olefins

Hydrogenation of olefins is reaction where hydrogen atoms are added across the double bond of an alkene, resulting in a saturated alkane.

Catalyst Regeneration & Recyclation


We are offering catalyst regeneration services. Regeneration is a cost-effective alternative to catalyst replacement.


Once your catalyst needs to be replaced we are ready to pick up your spent catalyst, recycle it and provide you new one.