Catalysts usually contain nonferrous and/or precious metals, therefore recovery of those metals or reactivation and recycle of the spent catalyst is significantly important. Ranido is offering catalyst recyclation services. If you are interested in catalyst recyclation please contact us and we will discuss possibilities of recyclation of your spent catalyst.

30 years experience

We have more then thirty years experience in production of catalysts and inorganics.


Broad variety of production equipment, Capacity up to 1000 mtpa, Pilot plant up to 100kg, QC


Spent catalyst recycling

Spent catalysts recycling from chemical processes:

  • Powders
  • Shaped catalysts
  • Wash-coats
  • Gas phase processes
  • Liquid phase processes
  • Raney-type

Base metals

Base metals catalysts recycling:

  • Mo
  • W
  • V
  • Ni
  • Co
  • Cu

Precious metals

Precious metals catalysts recycling:

  • Pd
  • Pt
  • Re
  • Rh
  • Ru
  • Au
  • Ag
  • Os
  • Ir
"In Ranido we belive that every catalyzed process can be improved."

We try to create better world

VOC Catalysts

We help to reduce VOC emissions from industrial manufacturing processes.

NOX Catalysts

We are also offering help to reduce NOx emsisions by installation of honeycomb catalysts for NOx removal. These catalysts operate with a high cleaning efficiency and reliably reduce the concentration of nitrogen oxides.