About us

Ranido sro is a Ltd company registered in Prague, The Czech Republic. We are specialized in the field of industrial catalysis and process technology. Our main customers are manufacturers of bulk and specialty chemicals in EMEA region as well as in Russia and China. We serve large international chemical companies as well as medium and small size chemical producers of fine and specialty chemicals. Many years of experience in catalysts research and a thorough know-how of catalyst production are the prerequisite of our business. What makes our business successful is the close cooperation with clients, which allows us to efficiently focus our efforts and promptly and flexibly respond to customer needs.

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EU Projects

Find out more about Ranido EU-funded projects.

Catalyst Regeneration & Recyclation


We are offering catalyst regeneration services. Regeneration is a cost-effective alternative to catalyst replacement.


Once your catalyst needs to be replaced we are ready to pick up your spent catalyst, recycle it and provide you new one.

We try to create better world

VOC Catalysts

We help to reduce VOC emissions from industrial manufacturing processes.

NOX Catalysts

We are also offering help to reduce NOx emsisions by installation of honeycomb catalysts for NOx removal. These catalysts operate with a high cleaning efficiency and reliably reduce the concentration of nitrogen oxides.